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Are you enjoying your boat to its fullest?

There is over ten thousand miles of coastline and thousands of islands in the continental US, plus, many more thousands of miles of coastline and spectacular islands in Alaska, Canada, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. Secluded anchorages and marinas abound. Good times, family, friends and scenic beauty are awaiting you and your yacht.

Would you like to - safely, inexpensively and conveniently enjoy these opportunities?

Yachts ranging in size from 50' to 200' + have several options. Very few of these boat owners, however, are able to realize their dream of cruising both the pristine Pacific Northwest, the Mexican coastline, the Caribbean islands, the Inside passage, the Great Lakes, or the Mississippi River on their yachts. The primary obstacles are time, distance, inclement ocean weather conditions and/or crew changes.

Present Options Available


The Solution - ProCAPTAINS -


The fees and options each provide different suggestions. The ProCAPTAINS solution with a professional crew is clearly the answer. It has the distinction of consuming the least amount of an owners time, preparation, stress and money. And provides the greatest amount of convenience.

Comparison of cost to transport a 60’ Yacht from Los Angles, CA to Seattle, WA - 1,200 Miles:
Trucking Including costs of yard haul, launch, removal and replacement of equipment to reduce overall height. (Doesn't include cost or time to move vessel to pick-up or drop-off points.) $16,000.00
Barge Including loading and unloading, cradling, securing and transporting. (Doesn't include cost or time to move vessel to pick-up or drop-off points.) $14,000.00
Charter Per week (including fuel, insurance, etc.) $10,000.00
Delivery Crew Including travel expenses, fuel, insurance, provisioning, etc. $ 7,000.00

(prices may vary)

Schedule ProCAPTAINS for this years new yacht vacation destinations.

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